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Client: Cargill Limited
Location: Camrose, AB 
Completion Date: July 2015
Project Scope: Earthworks, Rail Services, Underground Services, Industrial Maintenance
This project required building and shaping of all plant roads and installation of over 6 km of railbeds for a new Canola Processing Plant, which included the movement of 1,200,000 cubic meters of soil using a GPS system. Excavation of storm drainage ponds, including ditching and culverts. Installation of a storm pond lift station with all required appurtenances including erosion control, site grading and seeding.

Nu Edge Construction Ltd. began a partnership with Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2005. Together, our efforts have restored and managed wetlands and associated habitats, benefitting waterfowl, wildlife, and those who enjoy it. In this time, we have constructed dam structures and spillways, installed culverts of various sizes and ditch plugs, built access roads, rock crossings, and berms to improve water level controls on wetlands.

Client: Wildrose Co-op Agro Site
Location: Camrose, AB 
Completion Date: November 2018
Project Scope: Earthworks
This project consisted of site clearing and grubbing, common excavation of clay fill, import and export of borrow clay, and compaction of excavation placed in embankment. Construction of all granular structures to required grade, and installation of geotextile and straw wattles for erosion control mitigations. Excavation and disposal of all unsuitable material, removal and disposal of existing culvert, and the supply and installation of a 600mm CSP culvert. Finishing work included topsoil replacement, seeding, site restoration and cleanup.

Client: City of Camrose
Location: Camrose, AB 
Completion Date: October 2015
Project Scope: Earthworks
Building this landfill required the stripping of all topsoil and subsoil, excavation, and construction of a compacted clay liner, slope, and liner protection berm. Supply and installation of 200mm diameter HDPE leachate collection pipe, and two 1200mm leachate collection manholes. As well as the placement of 11,000 square meters of 0.3 meter thick drainage layer, and removal of existing landfill access road.



Client: CP Rail
Location: Camrose, AB 
Completion Date: July 2015
Project Scope: Rail Services
Construction of the west and east leg of tracks, switch pad and access road. Directional drilling of highway crossings. Supply and installation of six culverts of various sizes, site grading, restoration and cleanup.

Client: South West Terminals 
Location: Antelope, SK 
Completion Date: October, 2019  
Project Scope: Rail Services
This project required the import of 66,000m3 of soil to facilitate the extension of a rail siding for the client. Installation of 450m of culvert ranging from 500mm-1000mm to assist with drainage, procurement and placement of sub-ballast to accommodate rail construction, and the construction of new roads to gain access from the highway. 



Client: Suncor Energy
Location: Edmonton, AB 
Date: Ongoing
Project Scope: Industrial Construction and Maintenance, Rail Services, Underground Services, Hydro-vac Services
Nu Edge has worked with Suncor Energy in Edmonton since 2013. Utilizing our Multi-Use Agreement, we have been involved in many aspects of maintenance and construction within the refinery. From firewater upgrading and replacement, hydrovac services and snow removal, to berms, crane pads, and grade work/turnout replacements for rail contractors , we are proud to continue our relationship with Suncor.

Client: Cenovus Energy
Location: Cold Lake, AB 
Completion Date: 2012-2013
Project Scope: Industrial Construction and Maintenance, Underground Services, Hydro-vac Services
Nu Edge has completed three different projects for Cenovus Energy. Cooperation and coordination with other contractors, safety personnel, and subcontractors working on site was essential on these jobsites.

Some of the work performed on these projects included:
• Installation of an above ground wastewater treatment plant, supply and installation of service mains and lift station for a 600 man camp, and the installation of a fire water main extension from the operations center to the plant.
• Installation of service mains, lift stations, and force mains for an 800 man camp. Tie-in of service stubs to a 500 man temporary camp located at Cenovus – Silvertip Den camp on the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range.
• Survey and layout of new utilities. Installation of deep utilities and sanitary lift station, including all pumps and control systems, and butt fusion welded sanitary sewer piping. Installation of potable water lines and valves, followed by pressure testing, flushing and disinfection of water lines. Installation of a fire water system, including all piping, valves and hydrant, and pressure and leak test of system. Installation of 100mm “yellow jacket” and 50mm natural gas distribution HDPE butt fusion welded piping and all appurtenances, and pressure and leak test gas line.

Client: PCL Intracon
Location: Joffre, AB 
Completion Date: September 2014
Project Scope: Industrial Construction and Maintenance, Underground Services
Nu Edge was selected by PCL Intracon to complete the site preparation for a new transformer facility. The incredibly tight worksite meant that our employees were operating equipment around up to five other subcontractors at a time. Our team’s commitment to safety ensured that all activities were completed safely, on schedule, and on budget.



Client: Samson Cree Nation
Location: Maskwacis, AB 
Completion Date: Ongoing
Project Scope: Underground, Industrial Construction
This involved site preparation for the construction of a new waste transfer station, including clearing and grubbing, excavation and backfill for the installation of culverts and conduits, and the supply and placement of geotextile. Construction of a retaining wall, bin pads, a concrete block wall bunker, as well as a vehicle garage, attendant trailer, and various storage structures.
Working for the general, Aecon, we removed and replaced approximately 1,900 meters of existing sanitary sewer, supplied and installed manholes, service tees, CIPP, and re-rounded three casings and a trunk portion. This job was completed by a combination of open cut method, jack and bore, and HDD, while implementing and maintaining an extensive traffic accommodation strategy.

Client: County of Vermillion River No. 24
Location: Vegreville, Vermillion, Lloydminster, Blackfoot, Kitscoty, Two Hills, AB 
Completion Date:  2012-2018
Project Scope: Underground Services
Between 2012 and 2018 we have completed six projects for the County of Vermillion, installing over 130,000 meters of PVC water main, ranging from 100mm to 500mm diameter by open trench method and horizontal directional drilling for wetland, creek, road and highway, and oil and gas crossings. Complete pressure testing, pigging, and disinfection of the installed water main. Restoration and reclamation of areas disturbed by construction activities.

Location: Camrose, AB
Date: Ongoing
Project Scope: Underground Services, Industrial and Commercial Construction
Nu Edge has completed site preparation with service requirements including water and sewer within the City of Camrose for Tim Hortons, Camrose Chrysler, Fountain Tire, Auto Shoppe, Camrose Casino Hotel, St. Francis Xavier Church, EMCO, and Camrose Regional Exhibition Grounds and Campground. We have also developed three residential subdivisions and an industrial subdivision in the Camrose area, as well as performing major upgrades and expansion at the Camrose Aquatic Center.

Client: Town of Blackfalds
Location: Blackfalds, AB
Completion Date: August 2011
Project Scope: Underground Services
This project was comprised of the supply and installation of 2,000 meters of deep trunk sewer, 6,000 meters of large diameter storm trunk and water feed main, including the servicing of six large industrial lots. Site preparation included topsoil stripping, clearing and grubbing, site restoration and cleanup, and landscaping and seeding. Industrial traffic was accommodated by using proper signage, planning and communicating with business owners. Weather was a major hurdle on this project as the area received two, "once in a hundred years" rain events. Delays were mitigated through proper site drainage.



Client: City of Edmonton
Location: Edmonton, AB
Completion Date: November 2015
Project Scope: Underground Services
This project included the supply and installation of 300mm to 1,200mm insulated
storm sewer pipe by open trench methods. Installation of all manholes, catch basins and a tie-in to the existing storm sewer system. Installation and improvements of the catch basins, catch basin leads and utility crossings and relocating services in confined residential areas. Site restoration of disturbed areas and structures. Development of a safe and effective TAS that was monitored by our Safety Officer and maintained by the site Superintendent and site Foreman.

Client: Rahr Malting Co.
Location: Alix, AB
Completion Date: October 2016
Project Scope: Underground Services
This was a unique project that required the replacement of a water intake infiltration gallery adjacent to, and beneath the Red Deer River. We started with site preparation of the settling pond and coffer dam and installed dewatering measures. Once the coffer dam and bypass measures were placed and tested, we then began the excavation and replacement of the existing infiltration system and installed all new piping and new infiltration gallery. This was followed by reclamation and packing of the river bottom to cover the gallery, and replacement of the coffer dam rock. Constant monitoring of the turbidity levels was necessary during all excavation, backfill and reclamation work. Fine grading and seeding were done to restore areas disturbed during construction.

Client: City of Camrose
Location: Camrose, AB
Completion Date: August 2015
Project Scope: Underground Services
This project involved the installation of 530 meters of 1,200mm diameter gravity sanitary sewer by open trench method at depths ranging from 2 to 8 meters, including 250 meters of trench box work through a residential area. This involved four tie-ins to the existing sanitary main, and site works consisting of clearing, grubbing, stripping with erosion and sediment control, replacement of topsoil and site restoration.


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