Town of Lamont – Westerly Subdivision, Underground Utilities




Contract for the installation of approximately 900 m of 300 mm water main including valves and 825 m of 200 mm sanitary sewer main including manholes.


• Provided all labour, materials and equipment for the installation of the water and sewer mains.


• Installation of all pipe, valves, fittings and manholes.


• Line flushing, testing and chlorination.


• Site restoration and cleanup.


Town of Blackfalds – Vista Trail and South Street Upgrades




The contract encompassed the installation of a water, storm and trunk sewer system including the following:


• 2,000 m of deep trunk sewer installation.


• 6,000 lineal meters of large diameter storm trunk installation.


• 6,000 lineal meters of large diameter water feed main installation.


• 6 large industrial lots services.


• Building the road base and paving.


• Reclamation, seeding and site cleanup.


• Line chlorination and testing.


City of Camrose – Creekview Underground Utilities, Phase I, II and III


2006 – 2008


This project included the installation of water and sewer mains for new 90 lot subdivision.


• Trenching, excavation, backfill and compaction of the water, storm and sanitary services.


• Replaced unsuitable material with screened rock.


• Installation of all pipe, fittings, valves, catch basins, hydrants and manholes.


• Reclamation and restoration of areas disturbed by construction activity.


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