Sewage Lagoons

Village of Czar – Sewage Lagoon Upgrade




The project encompassed the following items.


• Construction of a new sanitary sewage lagoon with HDPE liner, a truck dump, a lagoon access road with approximately 126 m of forcemain, the decommissioning and reclamation of the existing sewage lagoon and the lagoon discharge tie-in to the existing natural drainage course.


M.D. of Wainwright No. 61 –
Fabyan Lagoon Upgrade




This project was comprised of the following scope of work.


• Removal of 2 existing piezometers and fence.


• Construction of lagoon facultative and storage cells complete with required flow structures.


• The supply and installation of 6 groundwater monitoring wells and perimeter fencings.


• Excavation and testing of wastes from the existing lagoon.


Camrose County –
Ohaton Lagoon Rehabilitation




Scope of work consisted of the following items.


• Topsoil stripping, backfill and preconstruction of berm embankment.


• Rip rap erosion protection.


• Installation of filter fabric.


• Construction of truck dump structure.


• Site restoration and cleanup.


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