Brazeau County – Hamlet of Rocky Rapids, Reservoir/Pumphouse




This project entailed the following scope of work.


• Construction of a 2,000 cubic meter concrete reservoir.


• Construction of a steel pumphouse building and its associated systems.


• Supply and installation of a transmission line and sanitary line.


• Supply and installation of an outdoor Gen-set.


• Supply and installation of a new mechanical process, electrical instrumentation and controls, mechanical and plumbing.


• Tie-in to water well, existing water system and sanitary system.


Town of Daysland – Potable Water Storage Reservoir and Pumphouse




The contract was comprised of the following.


Underground Services Included the Supply and Installation of:


• Site Servicing – Installation of underground services including Potable water fill line for the reservoir, fire flow discharge line, gravity flow sewer service line.


• Construction of the pumphouse building – Installation of all electrical, power, communication service and building service.


• Site contouring and drainage control and the construction of a gravel pad and off loading ramp.


Reservoir Included the Supply and Installation of:


• Construction of the concrete reservoir, interior and exterior walls, floors, subgrade contour and drainage control system.


• Backfill, landscaping and surface drainage control.


• Construction of retaining wall


Pumphouse Included the Supply and Installation of:


• Construction of the building and systems - doors, walls, vapor barrier, roof truss, drainage system and concrete floor.


• Plumbing – floor drains and connection to gravity flow sewer, washroom and domestic potable water piping.


• Electrical – lights, switches, standby heater, emergency generator and lighting as well as exterior lighting.


• HVAC – main gas fired heater c/w necessary air exchange supply.


Camrose County – Hamlet of Ohaton Reservoir and Pumphouse




This project encompassed the following scope of work.


• Site Services included the installation of utility services, construction of the access roads, site grading and landscaping.


• The construction of a 400 cubic meter underground reservoir


• The construction of a 46 square meter pumphouse building above the reservoir.


• Construction of a 24 square meter vault chamber.


• Installation of pumping systems

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