Ducks Unlimited


2004 – 2013


Ducks Unlimited Canada began working with NuEdge Construction Ltd. in 2004.  Together our efforts have restored and managed wetlands and associated habitats for North America’s waterfowl benefitting other wildlife and people.  In the past 10 years we have constructed many successful projects for Ducks Unlimited two of our larger projects are below.


Werenka Project 2006:


This was a 2 segment water control project located a few miles NE of the Town of Two Hills.


Segment 1 - We rebuilt the existing dam on the land.  Constructed a 30m long rock crossing installed to control the water flow to segment 2.  Construction of a dugout downstream of the segment 1 control structure.


Segment 2 - We constructed an 80m long dam complete with a rocked emergency spillway.  Installation of (2) 2m x 2m steel boxes complete with 1600 diameter culverts and catwalks for water level control.


Dusty North Project 2012:


This project was located east of the Town of Rolling Hills.  The scope of work included the following items.


• Construction of a 650m dam site.


• Construction and installation of a 250m highline berm.


• Construction and installation of a rock chute for control of the water level on the land.


• Installation of 3 ditch plugs constructed on the other small drained wetland on the property to control and improve water flow.


Millangs Industrial Park




Millangs was a turnkey project for NuEdge as we took this project from conception through the engineering and approvals phase and directly into construction for the development of a 7 lot industrial park.


This project encompassed the site clearing and preparation for the development of a 200,000 cubic meter parcel of land including the grading of an abandoned coal mine.  We provided all labour, materials and equipment for the installation of the water and sewer mains and continued with further site development for individual lot owners.


Cargill – Westwood Earthworks, Phase 1




This project includes the site grading of a gravel pad for the future construction of a Canola Processing Facility and associated structures.  The work involved the following:


• Site clearing involving the removal of trees, underbrush, growths, stumps, roots and disconnection or abandonment of site utilities.


• Earthwork:  site preparation, topsoil stripping and stockpiling, importing fill material, preparation of roadways, parking areas and track, backfilling, compaction, rough and fine grading, construction of grade for floor slabs.


• Trench excavation and backfill for the installation of storm drainage system.


• Site clean-up, restoration and rehabilitation at project completion.

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