Distribution Systems

Highway 12/21 Regional Water Services Commission – Ferintosh to Duhamel Extension




This project entailed the construction and installation of fusion welded HDPE water main, consisting of approximately 12,350 m of 150mm diameter pipe and 5,290 m of 100mm diameter pipe.


• Construction of the New Norway and Duhamel metering stations with all associated electrical, instrumentation and control systems.  Tie-in of water main to the proposed metering stations at New Norway and Duhamel.


• Tie-ins to existing 200mm PVC waterline at Ferintosh, and the existing distribution and collection systems at New Norway.


• Directionally drilled highway, railway and foreign utility crossings.


• Maintenance of road structures and access including surface restoration and reclamation of undeveloped lands, roads and other landscape features.


Camrose County Water Distribution Tie-In




This project involved connecting rural residents to a water distribution main line.  The work was comprised of upgrading the existing vault station, directional drilling of the main line, connection of the water service to existing home systems and the disconnection and decommissioning of the existing water systems.


County of Stettler No. 6 –
North Endiang Water System




The work encompassed the installation and commissioning of a 28 km water supply pipeline.


• All appurtenances required for the tie-in to existing facilities, directional drilling of deep and shallow utility crossings, flushing, pressure testing, disinfection and commissioning of the water system.


• Protection of existing shallow utilities along the pipeline alignment.


• Removal, salvage and replacement of culverts and fencing.


• Surface restoration and site clean-up.



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